Liam's Pothole Campaign

The crumbling road conditions are a danger. With potholes a risk to our safety and a burden to our pockets, we can no longer afford these conditions.

Our ward is among the county's most deprived areas; for many residents, a burst tyre or damaged suspension is more than just an inconvenience - it's a struggle to get to work, a potential loss of earnings, and days of school run difficulties.

These are avoidable costs that YOU should no longer have to put up with.

Thirty miles from County Hall, our roads are getting worse. I've pushed the Lead Councillor for Highways and the Director for action multiple times, and I'm working with our MP to get more money from the Chancellor specifically for OUR roads. Not in Uckfield. Not in Lewes. Here, in Hastings.

As someone working hard to become your next Councillor, I will continue to report and sort individual potholes, but it's now time to have your say and make your voice heard.

Scan the QR code above or visit the webpage to sign my petition demanding better road conditions in our ward.

Liam's Pothole Campaign

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