Amber Rudd - A brighter future for Sussex fishermen

On Monday, the UK began the process of leaving the London Fisheries Convention which gives vessels from five European countries access to our fishing waters.

Like Article 50, there is a two year withdrawal period. After we have left the Convention and the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy we will be fully responsible for the management of fisheries and able to put in place policies for a more sustainable, competitive and profitable industry which works for coastal communities and small scale fleets like ours.

This decision by the Government brings us a significant step closer to securing a fairer deal for our fishermen in Hastings and Rye.

As announced in The Queen’s Speech, we will legislate for a Fisheries Bill to control access to the UK’s waters and set fishing quotas for when the UK has left the EU. Over the coming months the Government will engage with members of the fishing industry and the public on this Bill.

Our fishing fleets are absolutely invaluable to our communities. As we leave the European Union I will continue to champion the needs of our fishermen in Westminster so they can get the best possible deal and the brightest future.