Councillors clean the streets!

Cllrs Michael Edwards and John Rankin are calling for a radical shake up to the Borough's street cleaning and cleansing services. Michael Edwards stated that "the existing contractor left a lot to be desired in keeping the streets clean and tidy in a town which is one of Sussex's most famous destinations.  I normally favour the private sector to deliver a good service at a value for money price for the council tax payer, but I am open minded now, if the council can take street cleaning in house at a rate that is competitive with the private sector then we must consider this as an option."


John Rankin agreed saying that a clean and tidy town was top of the list in terms of a residents relationship with its local authority and that a radical shake up in the way street cleaning services were delivered and managed was needed.



Cllrs Rankin and Edwards are pictured in Wellington Square, Hastings.