Ore Library consultation statement

"As the elected representative for Baird and Ore I would like to welcome the fact that my division is within a short bus ride to Hastings Library which has recently had an £8m investment. I understand that savings need to be made within this budget but also wish to protect the interests of those that I represent.

I will work with Hastings Borough Councillors alongside community centres and groups to give the residents of Baird and Ore similar facilities to those provided by Ore Library, which I consider to be key to our community. I ultimately believe that these savings will lead to more effective and inclusive services for the public.

I would encourage residents of Baird and Ore to take part in the public consultation process, furthermore I will soon contact the community centres to initiate discussions on how we can implement these changes.

Please feel free to contact me regarding this issue at cllr.laurie.loe@eastsussex.gov.uk"

- Councillor Laurie Loe