Sally-Ann Hart becomes the new MP for Hastings and Rye

On December 12th Sally-Ann Hart won the Hastings and Rye seat by a majority of 4,043. She secured 26,896 votes, increasing Amber Rudd’s 2017 majority by 3,697 votes and polling a record number of votes in the constituency.

After her victory, Sally-Ann said: “I think we’ll get on with delivering Brexit and then we can move on and focus on the other issues that are equally as important to people in Hastings and Rye - transport infrastructure, education, healthcare, communities, crime, the police, focussing on children, young people and families.

“I will be looking at how we can improve the education and the breadth of education. I want to get my sleeves rolled up, get stuck in, find out much more about the issues that really affect people and be very hands on and work with local communities to look at how we can achieve things together, working together as a partnership.

“To the people who voted for me, thank you very much and for those who didn’t vote for me, I will be representing all of you regardless of how you voted.”