Some of you may have already noticed that a number of properties located in Pett Road are taking part in a Sussex Safer Road “Speed Awareness “ project here in Pett, and you to may wish to take part.  


I initiated the idea in an attempt to try and “remind” passing drivers that the speed limit on Pett Road is 30mph by displaying stick-on posters on Rother’s wheelie bins. Support in the form of providing 150 free stickers has been given by RDC and, if this experiment proves successful, the practice maybe extended to the rest of Rother area.


So what is involved?


  • If you live in Pett Road, between Rosemary Lane and the Royal Oak ph and you always place your bin by the kerb side, just telephone or email me requesting a set of posters. 


  • I will deliver two A4 stickers, one each for your black bin and for your green one. (If required, I will at the same time apply them to your bins.)


  • Come rubbish collection day, position your bin in such a manner that the sign is visible to drivers travelling east or west.


  • At the end of the trial period of six months agree to complete a survey form.


I recognise that this enterprise will not solve all the problems associated with fast moving traffic through our village, but perhaps in some small way we may deter a few inconsiderate drivers.


I look forward to hearing from you.




Cllr. Chris Saint. (Marsham Ward)

Tele: 01424 813047.

Email: chrissaint.marsham@gmail.com