Waste and Surface Water Management - Marsham

Over the last few months, I, along with my co-councillor Roger Bird, have been looking into how waste and surface water is managed within the curtilage of the Marsham valley. Our principal concerns embrace a number of issues including: 

  • The lack of the necessary basic infrastructure to manage adequately the foul and surface water volumes, possibly resulting from small incremental development over a number of years.
  • Surface water throughout the Fairlight area being permitted to discharge either into a watercourse, or into the main foul sewer.
  • The quality and volume of water flowing through the Marsham petty sewer.

 At our instigation a meeting has been arranged with key players from the Environmental Agency, Southern Water, the Internal Drainage Board and local planners in June, where we hope to understand how they co-ordinate their resources and manage waste water in our community.