Laurie Loe

County Councillor for Baird and Ore


"I was honoured when the residents of Baird & Ore elected me at 19 years old, to be their County Councillor. I will repay the trust and confidence they showed by bringing vigour, commitment and enthusiasm to the role, working on behalf of everyone in the division regardless of their own political persuasion.

I have always been interested in politics as a way of helping others and the experience of having been a parliamentary caseworker for Amber Rudd MP gives me a good understanding of how politicians can help the people they represent.

I have already been active in the Hastings Joint Parking Board and have also been asked to serve on the Sussex Inshore Fisheries committee.  As a young person my principal interest is in helping and working with Schools, Colleges and other organisations involved with the youth of both my division and the whole town. To this end I have been in contact with local schools with a view to encouraging their pupils to use politics as a means of both engagement with and support of the community.

 On a personal level I play badminton in a local league and support many local events and activities particularly those involving our young people. I am also actively working to promote a greater use of social media in local politics as I feel this is a way to interact, particularly with younger people, as it has both immediacy and relevance to them.

I am also a strong advocate of working with all people who claim to represent the community. I believe in partnership before partisanship and cohesion rather than confrontation and will work together with any Councillors if it is for the benefit of Hastings and Baird and Ore.

Politics has given me a voice, I will use that voice to speak on behalf of those I represent but I can and will listen and try to help those who come to me with their concerns."

 - Laurie Loe  


Ore Library consultation statement

"As the elected representative for Baird and Ore I would like to welcome the fact that my division is within a short bus ride to Hastings Library which has recently had an £8m investment.

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